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Doug Fortune
Doug Fortune has ministered in several nations and is the author of several books, including Dawning of the Third Day and The Power of an Endless Life.


George Warnock 
George Warnock is an anointed teacher and scribe. His book, The Feast of Tabernacles was first published in 1951, long before many were seeing the Kingdom and the time we are now living in as he was.

Jesus Film Project 
The Jesus Film Project is spreading the Gospel worldwide by using this powerful movie taken from the Gospel according to Luke. The movie has been translated into over 800 languages and is taken by teams into remote areas of the world.


Kelley Varner 
Kelley Varner was founder of Praise Tabernacle in Richlands, NC and author of many books before he transitioned to another deminsion (Heaven). His message remains timely for the Body of Christ as we enter this new millenium.


Preston Eby 
Preston Eby is an anointed, enlightened and prophetic teacher and scribe. I highly reccommend you spend time reading the volumes he has published on the Internet.

Wade Taylor 
Wade Taylor recently departed for another dimension (Heaven) but his writings continue to be some of the most relevant to the time in which we live.

Christian Women for Israel -

Ministries for women who love Israel.





The Mark Five Company 
My praise & worship CD, For Such A Time As This, was recorded in Nashville, TN using Nashville session players and produced by Rick Sandidge, owner and operator of The Mark Five Company. I highly reccommend The Mark Five Company for all your recording and disc duplication needs.




McDougal & Associates 

I now have three books (available on the product page on this site) published by McDougal & Associates and edited by Harold McDougal.  I highly recommend McDougal & Associates for your publishing needs.  I also recommend their bookstore where you will find great titles by McDougal & Associates authors.  I am greatly impressed with Harold's integrety, expertise and the way in which he does business for the Kingdom of God.


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