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Lanny accepts financial contributions should you be led of the Lord to give into his ministry.


Due to legalities he is not in agreement with, he is not set up as a 501 C-3 corporation in the United States and your gifts should not be considered tax deductible. However, you should expect a multiplied return on your giving according to Luke 6:38, Galatians 6:7 and Philippians 4:19.


To purchase Lanny's books and music CD go to the "Product" page on this site.  His book, "Kingdom Manna" makes a great Bible study guide.  "Supernatural Encounters with God" is a very easy to read book, filled with encouragement and prophetic insight to help believers on their own spiritual journeys.  "For Such a Time as This" is a prophetic book, focusing on the coming greatest of all awakenings and a new reformation of the Church, which is now in its beginning stages.  His praise and worship music CD, also entitled "For Such a Time as This," is inspired Kingdom praise and worship.


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Your purchases support
the ministry of
Lanny Swaim.

As an apostle Lanny has a vision for house church networks connected by apostolic resource/training centers.  He is available to assist and offer encouragement to anyone else who shares this vision.


He also provides support for more traditional pastors in denominational and independent church settings, and often ministers in more traditional churches. 


As a prophetic teacher he provides encouragement and guidance for believers, especially those who have been and possibly continue to be subjected to intense and severe tests and trials in their lives.  Lanny has a desire to see Christ fully formed in every believer, until we all reach maturity and come into the unity of the faith.   


As a psalmist/praise & worship leader he leads congregations into the presence of God where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are activated and manifestations of God's glory are revealed.


Contact Lanny to schedule him for conferences, church meetings, home meetings, interviews, etc.

Please feel free to contact him with questions and/or comments concerning any of the above.




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